Terre Glassware

Terre Glassware Champagne Glass

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Terre Glassware was formed by Dan Gillett, founder of Wine Diamonds, who became tired of breaking expensive wine glasses at his venues. After nearly 8 months of prototypes, drawings and many back and forths with glassware manufacturers, the first Terre glass was born - the Universal Wine Glass. The result was brilliant; something similar to a Zalto (wide base), a Jancis (bowl shape) and a Gabriel (durable stem), yet totally unique. Almost two years later, the Universal Wine Glass has been joined by a Champagne glass, a Burgundy glass and two carafes. 

The Terre Champagne glass was designed with the best vintage Champagnes in mind. The wider bowl shape allows the complexity and aromas of the wine to grow and intensify, while the narrower entrance allows those intense aromas to concentrate even further. Perfect for Champagnes, Proseccos, Frizzantes and all Sparkling wines.

Dishwasher safe.

Glassware specifications:

Height: 225mm

Width (at widest part): 75mm diameter

Base: 72mm diameter

Bowl volume: 300 mL

Filled volume (at widest part): 125 mL