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New Ground Espresso Martini 20L Keg - Dry

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New Ground™ Launches Espresso Martini On Tap

Espresso Martini - Dry Edition

We've been privy to New Ground’s Espresso Martini formulation testing for the past 6 months and are now very excited to bring it to you, on tap. A deliciously crafted, perfectly balanced, silken pour. Made with New Zealand Vodka, NGT™ Coffee Liqueur, and NGT™ Boxed Coffee. The nitro-infused instant classic delivers a long cascading finish with a velvety crema like no other. The effortless espresso martini takes just 5-8 seconds to pour – making it easier than ever to serve a round of New Zealand's favourite coffee cocktail.

The product is proudly available in nitro-charged Wine Diamonds kegs – currently with a six-month chilled shelf life. NB: The kegs require our inline nitrogen infuser, which Wine Diamonds will install (at their cost on an exclusive-basis). One keg serves 130 drinks, it can be poured continuously and will save approximately 6 1/2 service hours compared to its hand-shaken counterpart per keg. 

Once poured the cocktail takes around a minute to cascade and settle, meaning the drink is at its best by the time it makes its way to the table, not back at the bar when the first one is made. 

The dry edition is made with an unsweetened coffee liqueur. The classic edition is the sweeter of the two.