Wine on Tap

We specialise in wine on tap

We can provide all the taps and refrigeration equipment, we have our own kegs, filling equipment, delivery vans, maintenance and installation contractors, and cleaning services offer you and your customer the perfect pour.

No oxidation

The wines are held under an inert gas, meaning no oxidation or tiredness


Wine is held in our own 20L stainless steel kegs, free from UV light and unable to be damaged in transit by couriers


Every glass is consistent to the next


No money is wasted on unnecessary packaging or lost to wastage. Profit margins on wine on tap are higher in bottle.

Serve by the glass or carafe

We also have a number of the same wines available in bottle too. Sell by the glass (on tap) or by the bottle.

Packaging Free

Tap wines are packaging free, and for the international wines we offer they are kegged in New Zealand, significantly reducing the carbon footprint on international wine.

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