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Saison 'Fallen Quinces #2' Vermouth
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Saison 'Fallen Quinces #2' Vermouth

If you've ever been to restaurant Embla, you've been amazed by both the wine list and the food. So be prepared to be wowed again. Owner and Head Chef, Dave Verheul (formerly Town Mouse) has ramped up production of his vermouth which was, before lockdown, only served in his restaurant. 

"For our 2020 ‘fallen quinces’ release we have made several different infusions using beautiful organic pineapple quinces grown near Seymour north of Melbourne, as well as spirit infusions made from saffron, blood orange, bay leaf, dried jasmine flower and rhubarb root. These infusions are blended into the wine with two organic types of Australian wormwoods, and balanced with a caramelised quince sugar. The vermouth is then left to age on burnt quinces. ‘Fallen quinces’ is unfined (vegan) and unfiltered." - Dave, Saison

Best served chilled with one large ice cube in a wine glass, we reckon!