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2021 Still Life Rosé
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2021 Still Life Rosé

This 2021 Still Life Rosé hails from BioGro certified organic vineyard no. 5915 in Waipara, North Canterbury.

It's a dry, pale pink blend of Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, and with the smallest amount of Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer thrown in for good measure too. Grown on predominantly clay soils, with some areas of sandy loam, sandstone, limestone and gravels, each varietal was separately vinified having been wild fermented and gone through full malolactic fermentation.

Stylistically this is the rosé we all want to drink - dry, crisp, fresh, and of course, pale pink. It's fruity, but not too fruity, it's crisp, but not too crisp, and it's clean, clear and perfect in every way. And, as with all Still Life wines, it's BioGro certified organic too.