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2021 Jauma 'Why Try So Hard?' 20L Keg
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2021 Jauma 'Why Try So Hard?' 20L Keg

James Erskine crafts some of the most beautiful natural wines in Australia and is, without question, reference point material for great zero-zero natural winemaking. He, together with Tom Shobbrook, Anton van Klopper and Sam Hughes started 'Natural Selection Theory' back in 2012, and the rest is history (click here to go down a total rabbit hole).

Why Try So Hard? is a cuvée which started as an exclusive for our friends at Wine Diamonds Japan. It's a rough translation from 無理むりしないで or "muri shinai de" which means why try so hard, don't overdo it, or, take it easy. A couple of years ago we managed to swing a few bottles from Japan's allocation and it was incredible! A few of our earlier customers may remember this wine, but now it's become a mainstay in his line up and is offered all around the world. 

2021 Why Try So Hard is made with skin-contact Chenin Blanc, Arneis and Sauvignon Blanc, along with a blush-pink addition of carbonic maceration Shiraz. 

There's lots going on and lots to love... this is where orange wine meets textural rosé, so if you've enjoyed favourites like Breakfast Wine you'll be sure to love this one! 

As always with Jauma: organic, wild fermented, unfiltered, unfined and made with no additions whatsoever.