2020 Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Grenache
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2020 Jumping Juice Single Vineyard Grenache

A delicious drop from our good friends Patrick Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge at Jumping Juice. This single vineyard Grenache from McLaren Vale is a *jump* up from the other juices we’ve come to know and love and their first foray into Single Vineyard wines. We’ve loved watching these wines mature over the years and are bloody pleased to be bringing you this new wine. 

Textured and complex without compromising on the lightness and crunchiness these wines are well known for. It’s all about layers here... perfect for Winter? We think so. 
80 year old, dry grown, bush vine Grenache from the dark sandy soils of McLaren Vale's Blewitt Spring, this vineyard was planted in the 1940's where it would have traditionally been grown as a Port varietal.

This (2020) growing season was slightly cooler and wetter than usual, but actually a perfect growing season for the area as it is usually so hot and dry. No disease pressure despite the wetter conditions as they are so close to the ocean there is good airflow through the vines as they are not trellised so no humidity.
Soils are dark, almost black, with very little loamy soil, so free draining.

Vinification is 25% whole bunches with the rest destemmed berries over the top. 2 weeks maceration with one gentle pump over per day. Pressed to old barrique for 10 months then a very clean rack to tank before bottling.

50ppm of SO2 was added post-malolactic fermentation. Xavier likes to add SO2 at this point as it stabilizes the wine early and some of the SO2 will be used up during elevage so there will be less total SO2 than if added later at bottling.

Crunchy red fruit forms the core of this wine, but then it's like a cloud of delicate perfume. Light but complex, this is unlike your typical Australian Grenache.... maybe more like a certain Tavel producer as the label might allude to ;-)