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2020 Joé Chandellier Rosé Pét Nat
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2020 Joé Chandellier Rosé Pét Nat

Joé Chandellier ("Jo-ey Shan-del-ee-aye") is the latest addition to our French portfolio where we imported his 2019 debut vintage right in the middle of the 2021 lockdown.

Joé came referred to us by a group of Southern French winemakers who knew Joé from when he was working for natural wine guru Alain Allier at Domaine Mouressipe.  We were his first export customer, starting with just a few cases of each wine and we're delighted to say that it has grown somewhat since. 

Joé farms 5.5 hectares by himself in St. Côme à Mauréjols (Languedoc, France), organically tending to Carignan, Aramon, Grenache and Syrah . Most of the vines are individual bush vines, ranging from 20 to 70 years of age, and are planted on sandy loam on sandstone soils. All of his wines are organically farmed, hand harvested, wild fermented, unadjusted, unfiltered, unfined, and sulphites are used only at bottling if at all.

For us Joé embraces the spirit of true vigneron culture in France which is to say he is a fierce ambassador for organic farming, making wines naturally, limiting additions to just sulphur (if at all), and making sure the wines are beautiful and well-made. His wines are true to variety, region and type and testament to all the effort he puts into his vineyard and winery. 

2020 Rosé Pet Nat is Joé's pétillant naturel sparkling wine made from 50% Grenache and 50% Aramon, from bush vines aged 20-90 years old, planted on deep silty soils and sandy loam over sandstone. The fruit was harvested together, pressed directly into tank, settled and racked just twice to gain clarity, and eventually bottled with 25 mg/L sulphites added and at approximately 13 g/L residual sugar. It then finished fermentation in the bottle (undisgorged), where it is dry and approximately 13% alc/vol.