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2019 Sextant Pétillant Naturel 'Foufounette'
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2019 Sextant Pétillant Naturel 'Foufounette'

NB: Read well, because this is not strictly 'wine'.

This is the third year that Julien has made this amazing wine and it is his unofficial homage to Cantillon 'Fou'foune', the incredibly rare Lambic which is fruited with apricots and only produced in certain years.

Foufounette is a pétillant naturel from Aligoté and Chardonnay, but fermented with a large infusion bag of apricots at an amount of 300g per litre, the same ratio as Cantillon Fou'foune, and left to macerate for a total of 5 weeks.

While this 'wine' does not contain strictly/only grapes, the apricot infusion is so subtle and nicely integrated it drinks as pure fruited and fresh as any stonefruity, high acidity sparkling Aligoté might. It really is delicious, still tastes very pure (and not 'flavoured' or out of natural balance) and one you'll just have to trust me on ;-)

Tags: Sextant, Julien Altaber, Carole Schwab, Derain, Burgundy, France, Organic