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2019 La Ferme de Sato Mixed Case #2
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2019 La Ferme de Sato Mixed Case #2

As many of you know by now, since day one in 2009 Yoshiaki and Kyoko Sato have been working towards growing and making wines from their own estate. First starting with fruit sourced from organic vineyards, and then later farming Northburn Vineyard, the intention was always clear; to one day grow and produce wines from their own farm.

Introducing La Ferme de Sato (Sato Farm), with the couple purchasing bare land in 2015, developing the vineyard for over one year, first planting in 2016, and then working tirelessly since to offer these wines with their first release from the 2019 vintage now in 2022.

The vineyard is situated along the Mt Pisa Ridge, just north of Cromwell, where it is planted to Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Just 5 hectares in size (3.2 hectares under vine), the soils are rooted in mineral-abundant schist and quartz with a thin layer of windswept loam.

The vineyard has been planted and managed organically and biodynamically since day one in order to build soil structure with the help of biological diversity, and just 3 vintages ago the Satos also built their winery on site too. The winery is complete with a temperature and humidity controlled barrel aging room, allowing these wines to be aged until they are deemed ready for release.

Testament to their desire for perfection and level of dedication, after nearly 7 years since starting the project, only 4 of the first 5 wines are ready to be released (that is, all but the Pinot Noir, which they intend to age further).”

Mixed Case #1 is now sold out. We have 4x Mixed Case #2 available, which contains:

2x 2019 La Ferme de Sato 'Sous Bois' Cabernet Franc
5x 2019 La Ferme de Sato 'Le Chant du Vent' Chardonnay
5x 2019 La Ferme de Sato 'Schisteux' Chenin Blanc

We will be taking orders until Friday 4 March, and sending the wines out on Monday 7 March.