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2019 Els Vinyerons 'Saltamarti' Tempranillo Grenache
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2019 Els Vinyerons 'Saltamarti' Tempranillo Grenache

Saltamarti ('Cricket' in Catalan, the cuvées are named after the insects found in the vineyards).

Still red wine made of 90% Tempranillo (Ull de Llebre in Catalan) and 10% Grenache (Garnacha Negra). As with Lluerna, 10% is from the previous vintage where the age gives stability to the wine, eliminating the need for preservative/sulphur dioxide. 

Earlier-picked and a shorter maceration than the previous year, this wine is light, fruitful and spicy. Electric red colour, great with a slight chill. 

No added sulphites (but well made, stable and good for glass pour).