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2018 Sato Pinot Gris L'Atypique
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2018 Sato Pinot Gris L'Atypique

  • 2017 Sato Pinot Gris L'Atypique
    (L'Atypique = Atypical)

  • Vineyard: 'Avalon Vineyard' 
  • Viticulture: Organic
  • Soil: Sandy loam / loess over gravels, schist and quartz
  • Harvested: by Hand
  • Winemaking: 24 days on skins, wild fermentation, matured in French Oak for 15 months, minimal SO2 at bottling
  • Style: Skin-contact/Orange Pinot Gris, very light, soft and juicy in terms of being 'orange', beautifully melded tannins from time in oak.