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Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Beer in a wine portfolio you ask? Absolutely. This is no mistake.
A few years ago I was in Sydney for Rootstock, where brewer & co-owner Topher Boehm was serving his mixed fermentation beers alongside Australia’s best and most exciting natural wine producers and it left a strong, lasting impression in my mind; that beer can be just as ‘good’ as wine.
The more I have been exposed to beers such as Cantillon, Hill Farmstead, and 3 Fonteinen (to name a few), the more I have come to find that beer can be just as complex, interesting, diverse and equally as distinctive and expressive of site as wine. So, while Wildflower had been on my horizons for a few years, it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I decided to visit the brewery, take the time to learn about what it was that made these beers so special and ultimately, decide to add them to our entirely wine-focused portfolio.
Wildflower, run by brothers-in-law Topher Boehm and Chris Allen, is a Sydney-based mixed ferment brewery, that is they ferment beers with a wide variety of native (wild) and cultured yeast strains. What’s more, they try to source their entire grain bill (and occasionally grape, and fruit) from the state of New South Wales too. So what you have is a totally unique, totally location-focussed and easily identifiable house style of beer.
These are beers that are made with the same level of integrity and meet the same criteria that we apply to the rest of our portfolio. See for yourself just how exciting the best of beer can be.

Sorry, all wines from this producer are presently sold out.