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La Brasserie des Voirons & Lug

In the last year we have added two, soon to be three, breweries to our portfolio of organic, natural wines. These are beers that are made with the same level of integrity, character and interest, and, as it goes, the beers from Brasserie des Voirons have a lot in common with our wines...
La Brasseries des Voirons is a mixed-ferment brewery based in the alpine town of Lucinges in the Haute-Savoie, France. It's East of Geneva, on the other side of the lake but still in France, and located at 710m AMSL where the water supply is from the alps.
The 'Lug' range are Christophe & Barbara's core range, comprising of a Blanche (White/wheat), Blonde, Rousse (Amber) and Brune (Brown). These are all mixed-ferment saisons.
Under the 'Voirons' range are the Bière Vivants. These are far from your usual. We're talking mixed ferments with Chenin Blanc from Clos Rougeard, Chardonnay lees aged beers done in Ganevat's Vin Jaune barrels, Chartreuse herbed and spiced beers, Gamay lees & aged beers from Domaine No Control in the Auvergnes... it goes on!
All the beers are certified organic by Nature et Progrès in France. 

Sorry, all wines from this producer are presently sold out.