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Jumping Juice

For a long time now winemaker Patrick Sullivan has produced wine under two labels, Patrick Sullivan and Jumpin' Juice, the distinction being that anything Patrick has put his name to, he has grown, vinified and bottled himself - you can find his own range here.

From the 2020 vintage forward Patrick has teamed up with long time friend and fellow winemaker Xavier Goodridge, to produce the range of Jumping Juice wines using fruit sourced predominantly from biodynamic viticulturist legend Mike Sleegers in Margaret River, Western Australia. 

The very name Jumping Juice is a prompt to embrace life. It’s an elixir that shields you from the trials and tribulations of existence. It’s that liquid beam of sunshine concentrated through the prism of the magnifying glass of life. Its very raison d’être simply to be delicious and to act as a catalyst for carousing with the fine folks with whom you surround yourself. These are all very noble causes worth pursuing and Jumping Juice is your conduit to these good times. Proper farming, deep respect for the nuances and rhythms, and making the most of these two and their knowledge of organic and biodynamic farming and winemaking methods come to the fore.

Pat and Xav have been kicking around together since they were 18 and have two of the best palates I have ever come across in wine. They have a very strong sense of purity and how to translate that into delicious wine. See it for yourself.