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Domaine Jérôme Jouret

Jérôme Jouret ("Jeah-rome Jew-ray") is a sole vigneron located in the Southern Ardèche (SW of Northern Rhône) where he farms 12 hectares of close-planted vines on the steep, terraced slopes of the Vallée de l’Ibie near Villeneuve de Berg (pictured above).

Jérôme’s vineyard has been farmed organically since day one - and has been Ecocert-certified organic since leaving his local co-op in 2006. Jérôme has gained a reputation for producing incredibly clean and beautiful natural wines that are bright, fresh, pure-fruited and incredibly gentle and fluid in nature.

The vineyard is planted on clay and limestone soils, semi-carbonic maceration is a theme found across most of his red cuvées, and he often matures in a combination of concrete tanks and large French oak for a balance of texture and taste. His cellar is meticulous, as is his vineyard, all of his wines are without any added sulphites, and as you might expect after seeing his estate, all of his wines are incredibly clean, stable and well-made.

I am proud to import these wines for what is my 5th vintage from Jérôme now. To me, I always think these wines encapsulate everything that small, independent, natural winemaking is all about - making beautiful honest wines that are totally unique to their remote location, grown and sympathetically made by a vigneron who works his own land and makes his own wines, and then sells the majority of his wine to the domestic market while remaining relatively unknown on a wider scale, not chasing fame but keeping his wines affordable and within reach to everyone, and making a product that is totally dependable year in and year out.

Testament to Jérôme's work, overseas he is represented by natural wine pioneers Jenny & Francois, Rosforth & Rosforth and Gergovie Wines - all distributors I look up to and respect. 

Certified organic by Ecocert.

Annual production: 12 ha

Le Petit Tournon, Ardèche, France