Domaine de l'Anglore

Starting his career as a beekeeper Eric Pfifferling inherited 4 hectares of land from his Grandmother in Tavel (Southern Rhône) in 1988. After years of growing grapes for the local co-operative and several trials at making his own wine his first proper vintage wasn’t until 2002.

Eric organically farms 4 hectares of land in Tavel and now a further 2 hectares in Lirac, both of which are strewn with gallets, the flat stones Châteaneuf-du-Pape (across the river) is known for. The wines have a precision and drive to them which seems completely unexpected for a wine from Tavel, which was once coined “the rosé capital of the world” and still remains largely responsible for the terrible, cheap rosé people quaff all through summer in France.

In terms of winemaking Eric’s approach is very simple but very meticulous. He harvests all his fruit by hand, sorts on a table into tall concrete tanks for fermentation, then matures his wines in a combination of foudre, demi-muid and barrique. He uses whole bunches in all of his wines, they all feature some carbonic maceration and are all bottled without any fining or filtration yet remain incredibly clean.

Domaine de l’Anglore has become something of a cult wine in the natural wine circles, fetching ridiculous prices in restaurants around the world as a result of scarcity more than anything else, but once you try the wines you can see just why! As you can imagine I’m over the moon to represent him, even if our total allocation is just 20 cases!

Annual production: 6 ha

Tavel, Rhône, France

Sorry, all wines from this producer are presently sold out.