Domaine Alexandre Bain

Alexandre’s story in wine began with his Grandfather who farmed grapes in Tracy sur Loire, Pouilly-Fumé. After leaving school he worked for Matthieu Coste before taking over an old vineyard planted in the late 70’s in 2007. 

Since day one Alexandre has been farming organically (now Ecocert and Demeter certified) with the help of his horse called Phénomène and one full-time assistant. A true vigneron, all wines are produced from estate fruit only and are vinified and bottled on site too.

The vineyard is thick with Kimmeridgian marle that was formed during the Portlandian period, making a very light and free-draining soil of approximately one third sand, one third alluvium and one third clay. There’s dense stones and layers of fossilized oyster seashells in there too.

Testament to the soils of his vineyard, these wines benefit massively from their naturally low pH. The wines are incredibly clean and pure and do not suffer from any microbial behaviour or activity that would normally require some form of intervention, meaning Alexandre can make great, pure expressions of site in a very hands off manner. 

Despite being denied any Pouilly-Fumé AOC classification due to his supposed lack of regional-typicity (see second image for Alexandre's back label), all of his wines are 100% Sauvignon Blanc from his one vineyard in Pouilly-Fumé.

All of Alexandre's wines are bottled as specific parcels found within the vineyard; La Levée is from sandier, less calcareous soils, Pierre Précieuse is from more limestone, clay soils and L d’Ange is from pure limestone. These wines aren’t just some of the best natural wines on earth, they are indeed some of the best wines on earth.

Annual production: 9 ha

Pouilly-Fumé, Loire, France